"I Hate Camping!"


Have you ever heard anyone say "I Hate Camping"?

Believe it or not I actually have friends that have told me that rather adamantly. I mean with more than a little vim and vigor they have expressed down right disdain for even the thought of camping. One might expect something in the way of a bad experience may have happened to them at some point. I envisioned things like being mauled by a bear or maybe a meteor falling so close it shook the ground and splatter debris upon them. Or maybe they got washed away in a flash flood. ( This almost happened to me. )

Thus, when I ask them why they hate camping ( and I always do ask) it is a little surprising to fine I get benign answers like these:

Everything they mention is something I hate about camping too. That's why I don't let those things happen.

This tells me the real problem might not be so much that they 'hate camp', but rather, they just don't know how to do it. Every ' I hate camping' reason I have ever heard can be averted just by having the right stuff and, more importantly, knowing how.

While tent camping is not difficult to do, it's not necessarily easy either. This is particularly true when you have others, usually kids, depending on you as well. Thus those that are willing to learn and work at it a little will find they can pretty much manage any unpleasant possibility that might come their way.

So if you are one who has always 'thought' you hated camping, may I suggest you reconsider the potential benefits of camping and see if they don't outweight the possible camping hazzards you might encounter. If nothing else it offers a very inexpensive approach to family vacations and just has to be the closestest family experiences you can get.

Of course, if you are the kind of person who is afraid of their own shadow, well maybe you should stay home. There can be a lot of shadows out there in the wilderness.

For what it's worth, though,  I feel way more safe and at home out there in the boonies than I do walking to a D backs game in downtown Phoenix in the middle of the day.

Truth be known, you're perfectly safe in both places assuming you are paying attention, know what you are doing and practicing appropriate diligence.

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